Plastic Water Tanks

Atlas Plastics is a leading manufacturer of plastic water tanks in South Africa. Our water storage tanks offer an effective means of collecting and storing rain water, and they can be used to fulfil a variety of household and industrial needs. Our plastic drums and plastic tanks are widely used on farms, in warehouses, factories, construction sites and in homes.

Reasons to use plastic water tanks:

All of our plastic water tanks and plastic drums are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Lightweight, durable and competitively priced, we’ll provide you with the most effective storage solutions for your storage requirements. Contact us today for a quote on plastic drums or plastic water tanks in a variety of sizes.

Affordable water storage tanks and plastic drums:

Our plastic products, such as plastic water tanks or sturdy plastic drums, are ideal for storage in almost every type of residential or industrial situation. Light and long-lasting, they’re also preferable to heavy steel drums and are far easier to transport.

Whatever your storage requirements, we have the right plastic drums and water tanks to meet your needs. Our brand are located nationwide, this means that we can deliver anywhere in South Africa. Get a quote today.