Starting a Portable Toilet Rental Business

Starting a Portable Toilet Rental Business

Is this a lucrative business? What are the necessary requirements to start a portable toilet rental business?

Starting this kind of business may not be eye-catching, and without the proper training could be unsafe to you, to your staff and to your customer’s health. Proper hygiene is required for this kind of business.

Portable toilets are usually seen in construction areas, market sites, road shows, outdoor concert events, sporting events and other outdoor events. You may earn unlimitedly depending on the length of use, especially if it will be staying there for months. To start this business can be very beneficial, but you will need to plan in order to be profitable.

How to:

  • Have a supplier of these portable toilets; you have to research on which manufacturers can give you on portable toilets made to suit the African environment, have been in the manufacturing industry for many years and will have good business relations with you. You need sufficient portable toilet supplies to meet your customer needs.
  • Find a place where you can store your portable toilets. You will need a wide area, a warehouse will be suitable and it can also serve as your administrative office at the same time.
  • Obtain a licensed to operate and permit for proper handling and disposal of the waste that was collected. Organise your sewage discarding.
  • You also need to identify your market, do research on who will be your potential customers, will it be Government Tenders, Construction areas, Public locations, Open or Outdoor events, natural calamity struck sites and campgrounds.
  • Acquire or rent vehicles and suitable trailers to transport the toilets to your customers. You will need staff to deliver your portable toilets.
  • You will need sufficient staff members to maintain the portable toilets.
  • Promote your portable toilet business by listing your business in online classified ads and print directories.

How portable toilets work

A portable toilet is used in a similar way to that of a typical household toilet. The distinction is, the waste is not carried to a septic tank or sewerage main but instead is carried by a tank/drum that is attached/inserted to/into the toilet. The tank/drum is concealed within the base of the toilet. In the interior of the tank/drum are chemicals that ventilate the waste, deodorises it and powders solid waste and toilet paper.

Kinds of portable toilets

  • Tank / Drum units
  • Flushing / Non-flushing
  • With / Without Hand Basins
  • Combination toilet / urinal units
  • Mobile vans with multiple units of toilets and or urinals
  • Sewer Connectable units

These portable toilets must be made of water-resistant materials that can be cleaned and sanitised. Plastic toilets must have sufficient UV stabilisers for the African market, units that don’t will fade quickly and become brittle.

The rental fee for portable toilets will depend on the kind or type of portable toilet. You will need to calculate the units that will be rented, how long your customers will need them, how often they need to be serviced (chemical costs as well as transport costs) the location where it will be placed.