Brand New – Stackable mobile toilets

Brand New – Stackable mobile toilets

If you’re looking for durable and cost-effective temporary sanitation, the new stackable range of mobile toilets from Atlas Plastics is the ideal solution.

What makes them such an excellent choice? Developed after two years of research and development, these lightweight yet robust portable toilets have not only been designed for quick set-up and optimal convenience, but they can also be stacked for the most cost-effective transportation. Stack up to 3 mobile huts together, saving space and significant cost when transporting units. Finally, a company is able to offer a product which, up until now, has been very difficult to transport effectively and affordably.

How do stackable mobile toilets work?

Our component-based portable toilets consist of three primary parts: base, body and bench. All elements can be either stacked or nested. A drum is also fitted to the back of the unit. The parts are quickly and easily assembled with basic tools, and because they’re light and easy to carry, it can take just two people to carry and set up the units, alternatively you can use a forklift.

How to set up Atlas Plastics’ mobile toilets

Each of the stackable mobile huts is securely attached to a solid base, which is fitted with a non-flush chemical bench and a 75l open head drum.

View our video for a step-by-step guide to setting up our portable toilets.

Benefits of stackable portable toilets

In developing these stackable units, the primary objective was to provide a more affordable and easily assembled mobile sanitation solution, which was also cheaper to transport to any remote or temporary ablution site. This cuts logistics costs, enabling businesses to reduce overheads without compromising on convenience or the comfort of their staff.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to load
  • Only basic tools required for assembly
  • Rotor moulded body: Makes our units tough and sturdy
  • Can be fork-lifted
  • Can be carried by two people
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable: Remains intact if subjected to accidental drops or falls
  • Units can be exported: Up to 30 units can be stacked into a 20-foot container


View our short video now to see how simple it is to stack and assemble Atlas Plastics’ mobile huts and toilets.