Rain Harvesting Tank – 1500 Litre

Our RAIN HARVESTING TANK is perfectly suited for any home use. With our compact and aesthetically designed tank, it will fit into most urban properties comfortably. Depending on your needs, multiple tanks can be joined to increase your water saving capacity.


• Manufactured from virgin compounded LLDPE
• 2 x Sealable lids which keeps the tank free of mosquitos
• 2 x Outlets 50 x 40mm
• 2 x Inlets 50 x 40mm


• Leaf Catcher
• 90mm PVC T Piece
• 90mm PVC Elbow
• 90mm PVC End Cap
• 90mm PVC Pipe
• Two 90mm PVC Holder Bats

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Dimensions 1850 × 968 × 1040 mm