Wash Trough – 30 Litre

The 30 litre wash trough is the ideal outdoor wash trough for all those messy items that you do not want to clean inside your home. Our wash troughs can be used in low cost housing, camp sites, hostels, hospitals and more.

Colours Available: Granite and White

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Product Codes:
369AP: 30 litre Wash Trough Only
950AP: 30 litre Wash Trough with Galvinised Strip
366AP: 30 litre Wash Trough with Galvinised Bracket

369AP: 2.5kg
950AP: 2.8kg
366AP: 2.8kg

369AP: 396 x 496 x 328 mm
950AP: 412 x 528 x 274 mm
366AP: 412 x 528 x 275 mm