Waste Loo

The waste loo seat is designed for a mobile toilet hut. The supporting drum is covered during transportation. There are two waste drum options available: the 2806AP (125 litre waste drum) or the 2807AP (70 litre nesting waste drum)

Colours Available: Black

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Product Codes:
502AP: Waste Loo Seat Only
503AP: Waste Loo c/w 70 litre Nesting Waste Bin
504AP: Waste Loo c/w 125 litre Waste Drum

502AP: 1.6kg
503AP: 4.6kg
504AP: 6.6kg

502AP: 518 x 120 mm
503AP: 518 x 591 mm
504AP: 582 x 591 mm

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 518 × 1200 mm