Sanitation Systems

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective sanitation solution, look no further than Atlas Plastics’ sanitation systems. Our high quality range includes plastic toilets, plastic basins and VIP pedestals, and has been designed to provide reliable and hygienic service in a variety of areas and situations.

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Purpose built to be theft & vandal resistant, Viking™ sanitary ware helps you save on maintenance & replacement costs.

Our complete range of sanitation systems:

Portable toilets
Chemical toilets
Long drops
Plastic toilets
Basins, sinks and wash troughs
Chemical huts
Shower huts

Each of these products have been manufactured from durable materials, and have been rigorously checked to ensure that they meet our stringent quality, hygiene and weight support standards. Contact Atlas Plastics today to get a quote for plastic toilets and plastic basins, or read more about each of our sanitation products now.

Affordable sanitation for better health, hygiene & safety:

Atlas Plastics’ sanitation solutions have been designed to increase the hygiene levels in rural and urban areas, leading to improved health, greater comfort and a better standard of living. Made from durable components that can withstand all conditions, our plastic toilets, plastic basins and other sanitation products will provide many years of reliable service at an affordable price.

Our plastic toilets, which include pit pedestals, VIP pedestals and seat funnels, help to eliminate the incidence of sanitation-related illnesses, such as diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, hepatitis and dysentery. These plastic toilets are odourless, use very little water, and do not contribute to water pollution. When combined with our plastic basins, they help to further reduce the risk of contamination.

There are many other benefits to using our sanitary systems. Plastic toilets with doors offer privacy to users – something which many rural dwellers may not have previously enjoyed. Doors also greatly enhance users’ safety levels, and provide an ideal surface for disseminating health and educational information.

Get a quote for plastic toilets & sanitation systems:

Atlas Plastics’ sanitation systems require little ongoing maintenance. They have been manufactured to offer years of reliable and safe service in all conditions, and are also cost effective and easy to transport.

Contact us now to get a quote for our sanitation systems, plastic toilets or plastic basins, or speak to a knowledgeable consultant about choosing the most appropriate rural and urban sanitation solutions from Atlas Plastics.