Portable Showers

Enhance the comfort and pleasure of any outdoor activity with Atlas Plastics’ range of portable shower cubicles. Manufactured from robust yet lightweight materials, these versatile mobile showering solutions can be enjoyed by many users in any location.

The ideal shower cubicles and portable showers:

Our shower cubicles are perfect for building sites, sports events, camping sites, outdoor music festivals as well as all your outdoor adventures.

Each of our portable showers is constructed out of durable plastics that can withstand all conditions, and which can be easily transported to any location or area. Our shower cubicles can be connected to a simple garden hose or similar water outlet.

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Benefits of portable showers:

There’s nothing quite as invigorating as a refreshing shower after a long day of work, sports activity or outdoor adventure.

Atlas Plastics’ portable showers add an invaluable measure of comfort to your outdoor event or construction site, enabling you to offer your staff or event attendees some welcome refreshment when they need it most.

A midday shower at a hot, dusty building site will help to boost workers’ productivity and beat the midday slump. They’ll also appreciate the opportunity to duck into a shower cubicle after a hard day, and enjoy a refreshing rinse before travelling home. As for outdoor events and festivals, your attendees will no doubt be thankful for great comforts they may not have been expecting. They’ll also be more likely to return to your venue in future, or recommend it to others, if they know that there is a reliable camping shower available.

Portable shower cubicles are also very useful in homes where bathroom renovations are taking place, as they enable homeowners to continue their daily routines without interruption.

Get affordable shower cubicles from Atlas Plastics:

Adding a mobile shower to your building site or outdoor event is a simple, affordable way to offer extra comfort and enjoyment.

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