Plastic Pipes

The Atlas Plastics PPR piping system is specially designed for the transportation of water and other fluids. It is totally resistant to corrosion and encrustation build up. All our plastic pipes and piping systems have a 30-year guarantee (terms & conditions apply).

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Atlas Pipe is the only SANS 15874 certified hot and cold water PPR piping system manufactured in South Africa.

Benefits of a PPR pipe:

PPR is one of the most extensively used plastics in the world, and PPR pipes are frequently used for both household applications and in construction. A PPR pipe will often be chosen over a galvanised or copper pipe, due to the fact that it is cheaper, less prone to damage and easier to install. Moreover, plastic pipes are far less likely to attract the attention of thieves than a copper pipe!

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, our PPR pipes are designed to offer optimum durability, reliability and convenience in any plastic pipes application. Our hot and cold water piping systems include:

Fusion pipes and fittings
Metric pipes and fittings
Poly pipes and fittings

Leading supplier of affordable PPR pipes:

Atlas Plastics is one of South Africa’s foremost suppliers of PPR pipes, and our products are used for a wide range of applications, from effluent and irrigation to civil, industrial, mining and purification.

Whatever your plastic pipes requirements, we’ve got the right solution for you. Contact Atlas Plastics now to find out more about our range of pipe products, or for a quote on PPR pipes.

Atlas plastic pipes are SABS approved.