General Products & Hardware

Atlas Plastics is a leading supplier of plastic products in South Africa, and is ideally positioned to meet all your plastic requirements. Whether you need simple plastic buckets or large-scale storage, waste management or municipal products, we’ve got the most affordable and ergonomic plastic products to meet your needs.

Our products are available nationwide, and include:

  • Portable toilets
  • Shower cubicles
  • PVC pipes
  • Water tanks
  • Plastic bins
  • Guard huts
  • Mining products
  • Automotive parts
  • Hardware

As South Africa’s largest rotational moulding company, we use the latest technology and equipment to design, develop and test every product. From agricultural and automotive applications to chemical, construction, mining and even household use, our products have been manufactured to offer the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient service in any application. Contact us now to find out more about our plastic buckets and other plastic products, or to receive a quote.

Plastic buckets & other domestic and commercial plastic products:

As one of the most respected plastic manufacturers in South Africa, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials for every product. Moreover, because we make the majority of our moulds in-house, we’re able to integrate our plastic products with the unique requirements of our clients’ businesses or households. All of our plastic products are thoroughly tested for durability, safety and efficiency. We also place significant emphasis on the design of our products, as we believe that just because our products are functional doesn’t mean they can’t look good too! With more than 43 years’ experience as plastic manufacturers and suppliers, we are relied upon to provide superior and long-lasting plastic products to a wide range of businesses, industries and households across South Africa. Put us to the test: Contact Atlas Plastics today for more information about the most innovative and cost-effective plastic products in South Africa.