Guard Huts

Plastic guardhouses from Atlas Plastics offer one of the most effective and affordable means of providing shelter for your security staff. Manufactured from high quality, durable compounds, these guardhouses are ideal for use in any conditions, and will provide many years of reliable service and cover.

Something for your security personnel:

It’s essential to provide good quality guard huts for the comfort and protection of your security personnel from the elements during a long day of work.

Contact Atlas Plastics now to find out more about our cost-effective guardhouses, or to receive a quote. We have branches across South Africa, and offer prompt delivery to any area in the country.

Affordable guard huts for all conditions:

There are many situations in which it’s necessary to employ security staff. These trained individuals have a very responsible duty to perform, are trusted upon to protect premises, staff, valuable goods and even families.

Often, security personnel are stationed outdoors, work long hours and endure unpleasant weather conditions. It’s therefore vital to provide them with comfortable shelter during their shifts.

Guard huts are specially designed to provide adequate cover for security staff in all conditions. Depending on their size, plastic guardhuts are able to shelter one or two individuals, and it is also possible to add a bench or a chair. They’re also equipped with windows for easy communication with visitors to the premises.

Buy plastic guard huts now:

Plastic guard huts are available in a range of sizes, and because they’re made from light materials, they’re easy to transport to different locations whenever necessary.

Whatever your needs or your industry, we’re able to provide you with high quality guard huts for your security staff. Contact us today to receive a quote, or to discuss your specific requirements with our experienced consultants.