With our focus on innovation, we have added two new machines to our factory during 2013, incorporating the latest technology, improving quality and productivity. We use temperature monitoring equipment and 3D technology to ensure that our products are manufactured within specification, ensuring absolute quality. We are constantly improving our standards for the benefit of our customers.


Our Research & Development team is an integral part of our business, designing many great products, some of which are design protected and patented. Our impressive range of products, which are supplied to a variety of industries and markets span from Mobile Huts, Sanitation, Tanks, Drums, Mining, Bins, Piping & Accessories to General Hardware and Products.


We have an amazing and passionate team of professionals who are always looking forward to providing you with excellent products and services. We believe that building strong relationships with our customers and having a good understanding of the market, is what has enabled us to produce quality products that satisfy our customers’ needs. We look forward to continuing this trend with you.